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Admiral Feeders, Sea Lead Shipping Pte. Ltd & W Container Lines Limited

  • Container Shipping Agency

    • ITL pride itself to be working for ADMIRAL FEEDERS when they first opened office in 1990 (about 28 years ago).  ADMIRAL FEEDERS is the first privately owned shipping company to be based in Malaysia. ​

    • ADMIRAL FEEDERS a dedicated Freight Transportation Arrangement Companies : The primary industry in which the organization operates. Companies generally draw the majority of their sales revenue from one particular industry. However, there are many organizations that participate in multiple industries and markets, so we allow companies to associate their businesses with up to six different industries.

  • ITL is also the agent for SEA LEAD SHIPPING PTE. LTD. whose principal is based in Singapore. SEA LEAD SHIPPING PTE. LTD. incorporation the business in Singapore in 2017 and is a live exempt private company limited by shares. This company have two activities which is chartering of ships, barges and boats with crew (freight), and general wholesale trade (including general importers and exporters)

  • ITL also the agent for W Container Lines Limited whose principal is based in Pakistan.

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